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Subscription Terms, Instructions and Pricing

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3 Month Subscription (recurring $35 X 3)
Fresh Inspiration Club - 3 Months @ $35/month (Free S&H)
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6 Month Subscription (recurring $30 X 6)
Fresh Inspiration Club - 6 Months @ $30/month (Free S&H)
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Subscription Options

Subscription rate: $30.00 for 6 months (28% savings) or $35.00 for 3 months. The Subscription payment INCLUDES shipping and handling charges (not on International orders). Subscriptions will not renew automatically -- they will expire at the end of the subscription period.


The subscription rates allow us to keep costs affordable to you. We currently provide two options, For $30.00 per month (6 months) or $35.00 per month (3 months) will be charged to your account on the day you subscribe, and your account will expire at the end of the subscription period. You will need to resubscribe after the subscription expires if you wish to continue receiving your subscription.

Payment subscriptions are made available via credit card (Visa or Masterdard) through our secure site. Arrangements can be made to pay via a personal check or money order but requires 50% of the order (of a 6 month order, 3 months) will need to be received before an order will be shipped.

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